Parent Book Report
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Parent/Guardian Book Report

Each student has the opportunity to receive 10 bonus points on the nine week book report by having a parent or guardian read the same book you are reading and fill out the following questionaire.

Please enter your name:

Please enter your child's name:

Title of Book:


Who was primarily responsible for the choice of this book and why?

Did you think the book was an appropriate choice? Why or why not?

To what age group do you think the book was directed? Why?

Did you enjoy the book? Yes No

Why or Why Not?

Describe the part of the book that "struck" you for some reason?
Please share why this part of the book affected you.

Did you discuss this book with you child? Yes No

Did you read his/her book report? Yes No

What did you most enjoy about reading with your child?

Do you plan on reading another book with your child? Yes No

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Created on... August 5, 2005