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Be An Awesome Middle Schooler

Starting middle school can cause many emotions. You may feel nervous, excited, worried, or proud. You may be concerned with how you will find all your classes and get to them on time. Some students are disappointed about losing a recess or worried about how to open a locker. All students experience some mix of emotions and this is normal. However, you need to know that the entire staff will be there to help you get around, open lockers, and answer questions. Don't be afraid to ask anything to any teacher, even if you don't know that teacher. The most crucial and true fact to keep in mind is if someone tells you they aren't nervous at all...they lie. Even teachers are a bit anxious on their first day.

One of the best things about beginning middle school is the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. In many school districts, not all students from one elementary school will move to the same middle school so you may be moving on without some of your close friends. I know that it is hard because I went through the same thing at your age. Remember, there is no reason you can't keep in touch with all your friends. If I could do it (back in the olden days, when we didn't have computers and cell phones) you sure can today.

It's important to keep in mind that your attitude is what makes the biggest difference in how much you enjoy your middle school years. At the end of every day try to think of one thing that made your day enjoyable. It might be sitting next to your best friend at lunch or making an A on a test. Even on the worst days, there is always something to be happy about if you are willing to look for it.

Created on... August 5, 2005